I’m hypnotized by lipstick prints on espresso cups.

By the lines of lips against white earthenware. By the shading picked by the lady who sat and tasted and carried on with life. By the imprint she abandons. A few people read tea leaves and others can tell your future through the lines on your palm. I think I’d prefer to peruse lipstick blemishes on espresso cups.

To figure out how to separate longing from satiation. To know the bend of a profound established satisfaction or the line of unlimited pain. To have the option to state, this dark blue red you picked and how solidly you planted your lips, this talks about affection not too far off. In any case, dear, you should make certain to remain in your own fact. That scarcely there naked that circles the whole edge? You are detonating into delicacy and conceivable outcomes past what you right now know. The way the shine possibly shows when the light hits it and the espresso has sloshed everywhere on over the saucer? individuals need to set aside the effort to see you entire yet my god, you’re radiant and untidy and great and free. The profound purple wound nearly scratched in a solitary spot and the vast majority of the cup left unconsumed? Gracious love. Let me hold the profundity of your throb. It is valid. He’s not returning. I realize you definitely know this, however do you additionally realize this isn’t the end? Love. This isn’t the end.

Material Used :-

1. Acrylic Colours.

2. Handmade/Recycled Sheet (A5).

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